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COVID-19 and Travelling to Peru

Last Update 18/11/21

COVID-19 and travel to Peru

At the time of writing, travel to Peru is again possible for all travelers, except travelers from South Africa or travelers who have been in South Africa in the past 14 days. However, certain conditions and restrictions apply:

1. Any Peruvian, foreigner or non-resident foreigner aged 12 years and over, regardless of the country of origin, must prove that they have been fully vaccinated 14 days before boarding at their point of origin - OR - you must show a negative molecular test with a date of no more than 72 hours before boarding at your place of origin (Supreme Decree No. 168-2021-PCM).

2. In the case of children under 12 years of age, they only need to be asymptomatic to board.

3. The use of a double mask (2 pieces) is mandatory.

4. An electronic health declaration must be completed before boarding the plane to Peru. This statement can be found on the following site and is already requested at Check IN in Europe or elsewhere.

- A vaccination certificate is therefore NOT mandatory at the time of writing, but situations, rules and obligations change quickly, so it is always the matter and responsibility of the traveler himself to inform your airline and / or other authorities what the current obligations are at the time you leave for Peru.

- Furthermore, a new 'pre-registration migration' app (Android, click here and IOS, click here) has been launched that allows contactless customs and immigration formalities on arrival and departure, however, from experience and at the time of writing, this App does not yet work properly and is therefore not mandatory at the moment.

- If a traveler has symptoms related to COVID-19 upon entering the country, a test may be required, despite the fact that one has a negative PCR test result and / or has been fully vaccinated and if it turns out to be positive, quarantine is mandatory for 14 days in your hotel in Lima or another location designated by the local government agency. This period can be shortened to 6 days if a negative test result can be submitted within 6 days. Failure to comply with a quarantine obligation is punishable.

COVID-19 and back home

- For your flight back home, certain conditions and obligations may also apply such as a negative PCR test, quarantine on arrival or other obligations. These conditions differ per country and therefore you must inform your airline and / or other authorities what the current obligations are when you travel back home. 

- Taking a PCR test in Peru costs around 60 dollars and the result is usually available within 8 to 24 hours. Antigen and rapid tests are available more quickly. We can recommend certain test locations and, if desired, make an appointment for you. Please also take this into account when setting up your individual tour in Peru, that there is enough time to be able to meet these possible requirements in your country of origin.

COVID-19 during your trip in Peru

– During your trip in Peru, wearing double (2) face masks/masks is mandatory in all public areas.

- Until recently, wearing a face shield at the airport and even on flights to and from Peru was mandatory. This was also mandatory when travelling by bus on interprovincial routes. This obligation no longer applies at the time of writing, but as mentioned, rules and safety levels in Peru usually change quickly. Perhaps it is not a bad idea to take one to Peru in anticipation of a possible adjustment of the regulations.

- In different regions, depending on the level of safety, there may be further restrictions, such as a curfew or a ban on entering beaches. At the time of writing, the latter does not apply and all beaches are open as usual. As mentioned earlier, this can change as the situation changes.

- Restaurants, shops and markets are open as usual but with a lower visitor capacity.

- The various archaeological and tourist sites are also open almost everywhere, but also here with limited visitor capacity. Especially for your visit to Machu Picchu it is advisable to reserve this in advance by us.

- The best way to limit your risk is precisely through an 'individual tour' tailored through our travel agency so that you limit travel in a larger group.

- During the various tours and excursions that you will do, you will be assigned to other tourists who have booked the same specific tour before that particular date to limit the costs, but we only work with small groups to limit the risk as much as possible. Of course it is also possible to book private tours and private excursions everywhere. This is of course a bit more expensive, but without a doubt the safest way to visit this beautiful country.

- If you become ill during your trip and / or are already tested positive upon arrival, quarantine is mandatory, as previously stated for 14 days. In that case, the extra costs can be considerable as extra hotel stays have to be booked and new tickets to re-join your travel group afterwards. Refunds of tours, tickets and other services are unfortunately not possible in this type of acute situation. The extra costs are always for the account of the customer / traveler.


- Taking into account the above, we recommend taking out travel insurance that covers these types of matters.

The latest official information and obligations of the Peruvian government for travel to Peru can be found here:

- Travelers who have questions can contact the iPeru service:


If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us.

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