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The Paracas Reserve

The Paracas Reserve is a barren but beautiful desert landscape located on the coast with beautiful and extraordinary beaches. One of the most beautiful beaches is Playa Roja (the red beach) where the sand has an almost red color and is formed by the detriment of a nearby rock formation of pink granite with a core of lava. Over the centuries, the grit has washed up here and has formed this unique beach. It is a desolate landscape where little grows but due to the contrast with the blue sea and the many birds on the coast, it is an absolute must to walk around here and enjoy the landscape and the many birds.

As the only organization we go to Playa Mendieta, a beautiful beach located in the more Southern part of the Paracas Reserve. Here you will almost certainly not encounter any other tourists. An ideal place to unwind and enjoy the sun, wind and the vast surroundings.

Departure: From Monday to Sunday

Includes: Private transport, English speaking private guide

Duration: About 3 hours  

Price:  Depending on the number of participants

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