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Tour in the Sacred Valley

The Tour in the Sacred Valley starts from Cusco. In the morning you will be picked up around 07:50 – 08:10 and then we drive to the town of Pisac. On route we stop briefly at a Viewpoint where beautiful panoramic photos can be taken of the Sacred Valley. In Pisac we visit the archaeological site, just like Machu Picchu located on top of a mountain. Pisac looks a lot like Machu Picchu and is therefore often called 'The little Machu Picchu'. The name Pisac or Pisaq is derived from the word Pisaca since the shape of the city, at the time of the Incas, resembled a partridge bird (Pisaca). It is a beautiful site with beautiful agricultural terraces that are still used by the locals to this day. After this we visit the town of Pisac itself, which is known for its market. The pisac market is mainly visited on Sundays by the locals but is currently open seven days a week and is mainly geared to tourism. One finds many souvenirs that are often just a little cheaper than in the rest of Peru (Cusco and Lima). An ideal opportunity, if you wish to bring some souvenirs from Peru. After the visit to Pisac with its impressive ruins and market, we drive to Urubamba where we will have lunch (exclusive). You will be dropped off at a buffet restaurant that the guide works with, however, this is a suggestion from us but you can also choose a restaurant in the area yourself, as long as you are back at the bus in time. After lunch we drive further through the beautiful Sacred Valley to the town of Ollantaytambo. Ollantaytambo was built by the Inca Leader Pachacutec as a country house and before the conquest of the Spaniards lived here mainly the noble family of the Incas. Because of its strategic location, it was used during colonization as a fortified place by Manco Inca, who moved here the capital of the Inca Empire after Cusco had fallen and was occupied by the Spaniards. In the end, Ollantaytambo was also abandoned, when the Manco Inca withdrew to the more defensible Vilcabamba. To this day it is still easy to see how the Incas lived centuries ago as many houses are built on old Inca walls and foundations. From Ollantaytambo the trains leave for Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu) and if you do a two-day Combination Tour including Machu Picchu (see here for more information), your tour ends here. However, the regular tour goes back to Cusco via Chincheros where we will stop briefly to visit the church, before we are back in Cusco in the evening.

This is a group tour with a tour bus with a maximum of 24 participants. Our advice is to consider doing this tour in PRIVATE with your own car, driver and own guide as it is a long day and one decides for yourself how long one stays somewhere. For more information regarding fees, please enquire.

Vertrek: Op alle dagen, tussen 07:50 en 08:10

Duur: Ongeveer 10 uur

Vervoer: Tourbus (max. 24 personen) - privé mogelijk

Alle vervoer, Engelstalige gids

Niet inbegrepen:
Boleto Turistico, Lunch in Urubamba

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