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The Ballestas Islands

Image by Adèle Beausoleil
Image by Alexander Schimmeck
Image by Sander Lenaerts
Image by Bernard Hermant
Image by Simon Schwyter
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The Ballestas Islands is an archipelago where one can see the largest concentration of seabirds in the world. It's a deafening spectacle. In addition, one can see seals, sea lions, the Humboldt Penguin and with a bit of luck and depending on the time of year one can sometimes even see dolphins. Furthermore, we see the so-called Candelabro on the coast. The Paracas candlestick, also called the candlestick of the Andes, is a well-known prehistoric geoglyph located on a northern sand ridge in the Paracas Reserve. As we sail out of the bay of Paracas, we see this huge 'candlestick' on the left. Pottery found nearby is dated to 200 BC so the time that the so-called Paracas Culture in this area was in development. Just like the famous Nasca lines, it is a 'drawing in the sand' that can really only be seen from a great distance. The Candelabro is 180 meters in size and can still be seen up to 16 km away from the sea.. 

Departure: From Monday to Sunday

Includes: Transport, English speaking guide

Duration: About 2 hours  

Price:  Depending on the number of participants

For more information, please inform.

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