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These aqueducts of Cantalloc (pronounced Cantayoc) are truly a marvel of civil engineering, built centuries ago and are located 4 kilometers from Nasca. These aqueducts lead to the water of the nearby rivers through underground parts and through above-ground sections to the city of Nasca and the agricultural lands nearby and have been laid out by the Nasca culture. Thanks to these aqueducts, which are also more often called Puquios, it was possible to grow potatoes, corn and cotton in this arid area. To date, they are used by the local farmers and are essential for agriculture in this area.

In the covered underground parts, a spiral access was built every 50, 100 and 120 meters so that maintenance could be carried out on the aqueducts, but also to keep the atmospheric pressure the same everywhere so that the flow of the water was gradual and would not lead to erosion and sedimentation. The steps of these funnels or spirals are on average about 49 meters long and are built with stones and boulders and retain their stability to this day despite the various earthquakes that have occurred over the centuries.

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