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Lima City

Lima City is a metropolis with more than 10 million inhabitants and was founded in 1535 by the Spanish Conqueror Francisco Pizarro, who called it the City of Kings. Lima was one of the most important cities in South America at the time and to date that can be clearly seen in the many beautiful colonial buildings. However, much has changed since the Spanish colonial period and much of the glamour and splendor has been lost, yet Lima still has a lot to offer. Recently, Peruvian Cuisine is on the rise with Peru having already won the World Travel Awards in the Category Best Culinary Destination for several years in a row and it is not for nothing that one can find in Lima 3 restaurants that are in the Top 50 of the best restaurants in the world. It is definitely worth getting to know Peruvian cuisine better. For relatively little money, one eats in Peru in Top Restaurants.

Explore Lima on your own or through our City Tour, take a culinary tour or one of our other tours and experience how the Limeños live and work in this bustling metropolis.

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